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It’s admirable that they have taken steps to remember and to make financial restitution. It’s good for those who have hurt others to ask for forgiveness; it’s also good for those who have been wronged to forgive. Let’s also remember that it’s easy to apologize for others’ sins and much harder to recognize that each of us is capable of being selfish and apathetic in the face of evil. It’s difficult to recognize evil in our own lives. Thank you for sharing and in such beautifully touching way, too. It’s an over-simplification to see the situation in Brazil as a win for the “far-right” over leftists. The Brazilian people decided on a solution after the corruption and criminal activities by the leftists were unveiled. If one defines nationalism as a popular movement of the vast majority of people in favour of democracy and social justice, then one can say Brazilian nationalists elected Mr. Bolsonaro. Mr. Bolsonaro’s comments on women and the LGBTQ community were taken completely out of context by the Brazilian media and most of the international media. Mr. Bolsonaro was democratically and legitimately elected by the Brazilian people against the corruption, injustice, and social and economic ruin brought by the Workers’ Party and its allies for 16 years. Mr. Bolsonaro’s campaign was mainly against ongoing corruption and the communist political agenda. He was supported by millions of Brazilians. In fact, tens of millions of people took to the streets in several peaceful protests against the political “status quo” that was destroying the Brazilian people, economy and democracy. I lived with a senior on and off while I paid off my student loans. She taught me how to knit when she was 100. I loved being with her and adapted my schedule to hers. She went to bed at 9 p.m., so I’d go to bed early too. My only complaint was she turned up the TV too loud. After my dad died in my final year of university, she took me in.

  • My heart would not have sunk quite so low, I’m afraid, had the two not plainly been of First Nations descent.
  • Perhaps the costs could be shared by the various levels of governments, the television networks, the manufacturers of the AEDs, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the general public.
  • Apart from Sargent’s oracular pronouncement, what evidence did this article present for its lead that Brexit and Trump are behind the growth in foreign applications to U of T?
  • I can only assume that neither the contest’s judges nor the author had ever experienced or attended such an operation.
  • It neglects the fact that many immigrants to Canada have different experiences than those described here.

Overwatch has got them covered, as it offers boxes for real currency. For some, these signal video games’ doom; for others, they’re just another functionality they have to avoid in the worst scenario. We now move to more recent video games, with the CD Projekt Red’s 2020 Cyberpunk 2077. If you’re a hacking rebel on a tech rampage around the city, it’s a better idea to hack Slot Machines rather than play them straight. You no longer get any trophy for gambling profits. The Slot machines also are well hidden in a room at Siren Alley, well protected by Turrets. The GTA games are controversial by design, so the casino life additions would only make sense.

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I am writing to protest the ill-conceived citation of Wendy Cukier as a “crusader” worthy of note in the same pages as Roberta Bondar, Margaret Atwood, Barbara Frum and other noted U of T graduates. Ms. Cukier’s “crusade,” spawned by the tragic deaths of innocent women at l’Ecole Polytechnique, is a misguided attempt to punish law-abiding citizens for the act of a maniacal madman. If the coalition’s efforts had specifically targeted the criminal element of society, one could agree with your “crusader” analogy, but under the circumstances you are way off the mark. What I am doing is in the worst possible taste; I proceed. I take a very dim view of the omission of my name from the Alumni Who Shaped the Century, but more of the omission of my sister, Irene Irwin Clarke. From her entrance to Victoria College with five scholarships, through a brilliant career in classics and drama, to her role as president of Clarke Irwin, she was distinguished in many fields. She was the first woman on the university Board of Governors and cross-Canada speaker of the Canadian Women’s Club. She and her husband launched the painter Emily Carr and published works by Carr and journalist Robertson Davies, to mention only two. I pass over her distinguished war work in the Canadian Women’s Volunteer Services (and incidentally her chairmanship of the women’s division of the National Fund, U of T) and, to use the current cliché, much, much more. This special alumni issue really warms my heart. As Barbara Frum’s mother, I am proud indeed to find Barbara listed among Canada’s heroes and icons in a publication so prestigious and fine as this. My interest in the summer issue heightened when I read of “the installation in 1957 of the SLOWPOKE nuclear reactor.” Actually, SLOWPOKE was installed in 1971. In 1969, I became project engineer for SLOWPOKE’s installation, working with Professor Robert E. Jervis. It is sad to relate that despite its bright future, U of T’s SLOWPOKE will soon be decommissioned.

  • My programs have received two American Psychiatric Association Gold Awards for programme excellence and innovation.
  • Did you know that the world’s first monarchy was African?
  • We have not received any training apart from what is available online and things are fine.
  • Likewise, the demographics of chronic pain and those of addiction are almost entirely separate.

Hart House had just opened to female members, so another girl and I went exploring during orientation — up closed off stairs, to the next floor, into lovely guest rooms, out the window and up on to the roof. There we scratched our initials into the slate roof tiles with the date. If they haven’t replaced the tiles, our initials are there still. Dr. Hume’s lecture was the first one of the day for my class, but nobody was late after he demonstrated a bravura memory feat. Great topic, however very disappointing conclusion. I expected more scientific support about selfie taking disorder. I’d like to thank Cassandra Williams for her comments and note that we have made several changes to the article as a result. Please stop using the word “transgenderism” if you value your progressive reputation. The medical profession uses terms like “transgenderism” and “transsexualism” to pathologize trans people.

Passengers tackle Canadian man after he became violent, tried to open plane doors mid-flight

Genetic diabetes runs in my family and my lifestyle was not able to stop it. I am still alive at 92 and my doctor tells me that I have done well to last that long. Thank you for recalling U of T’s hockey history, and pioneering women’s hockey. To me, Jim was always emblematic of the many unsung heroes at U of T among the staff – the people who help make it a great university and keep the focus on the students. I just finished reading the latest edition of U of T Magazine and I wanted to thank you for the terrific article on Jim Delaney. I first met Jim in the mid-1980s through student politics, and then interacted with him again in the mid-1990s when I was on the U of T Alumni Association board and he was working at Simcoe Hall. As for a cafe that’s supposed to be part of the pavilion, why not something on the MSB third floor that takes advantage of that massive balcony fronting the circle ? The space also has large windows that provide beautiful views of front campus. The student space that used to be housed there was taken for offices, and it seems wasteful that these views are now only accessible for a select few people. One way to get to the truth might be for non-Aboriginals to start teaching their kids about the real history of Canada. I am so happy to see that someone of Renata’s calibre has such a full grasp of the issues these young folks face in their often troubled and disorganized lives. More than that, she is doing something to make things a little better. May the good work she does thrive and blossom. We all need to believe that life is precious and to reject violence once and for all. I profoundly hope Shawn is right and that love wins. Thank you, Shawn, for continuing to have the courage to share and to provide an articulate voice for those who cannot yet speak up for themselves. Sadly, as a secondary school teacher supporting a gay-straight alliance in a rural community, I am only too familiar with stories like yours. Please know that your voice is critically important, and that your message is being heard. We are talking about sexual attraction here. If young, fit, white men are desired in our society more than others, so be it. It may be because we live in Canada and not Zimbabwe. It’s attraction and sex, not social engineering. What’s racist is the idea that white men are getting too much attention and that everyone else deserves more. A poignant article which explores the issue well. Certainly homophobia is a large issue in Christian fundamentalism as well as in Islamic fundamentalism. Only in relatively recent times has Western society come to terms in a partial way with homophobia… And some churches still promote homophobia at the level of doctrine. This article brought back some pleasant memories.

  • It’s tiresome to keep reading religious arguments for morality.
  • That is an extremely well written article.
  • I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a tough time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
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Since then I have begged our provincial governments to stop the expansion of businesses and offices in downtown Toronto. In a computerized society, there is absolutely no reason for nearly everyone to go every day to an office tower in Toronto. Forty-two years ago I presented a lengthy report on the unused road, pathways and railroads running around and through Toronto. It was unbelievable to me how many abandoned rail tracks could have been brought into service for inter-city rail lines and for the expansion of the subway above ground. It is too bad that the online article doesn’t have all of the same charts that were in the print edition. The graphic on changes in device usage was very interesting. Bicycles and pedestrians are important but politicians need to make street laws clearly in favor of cars. People pedal through red lights, jaywalk freely, ignore crosswalk signs, step into traffic while texting because politicians and the laws have entitled them to own the streets as well as the sidewalks. Those on foot or on bike should not have equal rights on the roads. Imagine if spectators at an Indy 500 were allowed to do what pedestrians get away with in cities. If stupid and dangerous people get injured or cause accidents on streets, they should be legally held fully accountable, not drivers. The vast majority of Toronto-area commuters choose to travel by private car. These denigrated car-driving voters easily have the ballot box power they need to make the ETO vision a reality. Toronto needs a balanced approach to transportation policy. Yes, we desperately need better public transit. We also desperately need more highway capacity, plus technology innovation to eliminate congestion from our existing highways. ETO uses pavement-embedded signal lights to guide individual drivers in real time to use speed and spacing to ensure safe, fast and efficient expressway traffic flow. There will always be critics who will ask about the relevance about singling out studies based on gender. I would rather the conversation be about how what other studies can be singled out so that we may gain a greater appreciation of all the parts that make up the greater system we live in. One can take inspiration from anyone, regardless of their gender, and I do every day. What is important about gender studies is that ensures that the accomplishments made by women and stories don’t get lost. This issue is too important to our future well-being, and we need to stop confusing “the how” with “the what”. It’s an expensive road, but IT WORKS. Thank you, Mike Harris for signing a contract preventing subsequent Queen’s Park administrations from messing it up to placate the loudest special interest groups. It’s well-known that development follows transit, and vice versa, so I hope Metrolinx’s simulations take this into account. The Yonge subway line was already at full capacity several years ago. Having been a lay participant in York Region’s early rapid transit development initiatives, I read your article on GTA gridlock with great interest.

International Workers Day

For many esports games, cases are earnable through gameplay. But you can also purchase them with funds. We love some arcade racing, especially since Nintendo makes sure to add a whole lot of content in biweekly updates. Monster Strike’s Hatchers deserve a whole list for themselves. Their announcements also have a slots-on-steroids look to them. Even the interface is divided into an RPG-like setting and something resembling gambling games. Some consider Dragon Collection to be among the trailblazers of the Gacha game genre. Whether it was or not, it surely changed the market of free-to-play mobile games. Released in 2010 on GREE, a Japanese social platform, Dragon Collection made history. Their rules are identical to their real-life counterparts, while the prizes are solely game items. Multimedia franchise added a video game to the flurry of related projects in 2017. The game is a real-time action JPRG where you go through various quests and activities, including PvP battles, with a party of up to five members. White Cat Project has a lot going for itself. You surely have something to spend your time on, from lore-filled single-player to co-op multiplayer and even a town-building mode. We have another entry from Cygames, in the form of the turn-based RPG Granblue Fantasy. But there’s a whole other story when it comes to gameplay. Fate/Grand Order is a F2P mobile game published by Aniplex in 2017 to the availability of Canadian players. Being a free-to-play game, it also features microtransactions, including the dreaded Gacha mechanics. The in-game store would also change chances for character drops at times, so comparing Treasure Cruise might be generous from the gambling fairness perspective. The free-to-play mobile game is the lovechild of Bandai Namco, the One Piece series’ creator Eiichiro Oda, Toei Animation studio and Shueisha.

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